The Crooked God Machine

A Novel

The Crooked God Machine is a dystopian horror novel.

From the Summary:

The Black Planet is an oppressive world terrorized by a masked god. Charles is a young idealist who lives in constant fear of being taken from his family for his heretical ideas. When Charles meets an enigmatic and scarred woman named Leda, she gives him hope for an existence outside of the god’s regime. When Leda disappears, Charles leaves his small town to search for her. Along the way he will uncover the truth of the origins of the Black Planet, and confront the god that would destroy all life in the pursuit of a perfect and unchanging paradise. The Crooked God Machine is a dystopian horror about a broken family and a broken world. Compared to the work of David Lynch, H.R Giger, and Philip K. Dick, it’s at once darkly romantic, violent, and uncomfortably familiar.

Praise for The Crooked God Machine:

“The writing is like the love child of Salvador Dali, David Lynch, and HR Giger. It’s sinuous, cutting, insidious, unapologetic.” – Adam Nicolai, author of Rebecca and Alex

“A tragic, endearing love story against a twisted backdrop that draws on the horrors of religious fanaticism, human complacency, and political corruption. At times it’s terrifying, heartbreaking, sweet, wickedly funny, or any combination of the four” – Greg Sisco, author of The Blood Brothers Series and One Night Stan’s

“….a strangely beautiful, dark tale that has the power to enchant the reader whilst it’s twisted logic drills deep into the psyche.” – Parrish Lantern

“If you can’t untie your mind and let in some seriously surreal dystopian horror wander in, you may not enjoy it. I implore you, for the good of your soul, to try, because this book is fucking fantastic. This debut novel from Autumn Christian is full of a thick, ancient darkness; Christian has a voice and a worldview unlike any author I’ve ever read.” – Megan Kennedy, SLUG Magazine

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