This update was a long time coming, but all signed copies of Girl Like a Bomb have been sold out. Thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered a copy. You can still get a (non-signed) pre-order on the CLASH website. I’ll also be at AWP 2019 in Portland and you can find me at the CLASH event if you want to get the book signed but missed out on the preorders.

Here are also a few new book titles I’ve been enjoying:

Scarstruck by Violet LeVoit.  My favorite from Violet LeVoit so far. Stylistically beautiful, whip-smart, both cold and hot. Like drinking a cuba libre on a sweltering beach.

Dead Moon by Peter Clines. Audible only. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but I always enjoy things that Peter Clines write.

One of Us by Craig DiLouie. Actually recommended by Peter on his blog. I just received this one, but he described it as “X-Men mixed with To Kill a Mockinbird,” and I was sold. 

Carnivorous Lunar Activites by Max Booth III. Sad to say this is my first Max Booth novel. Read the first few chapters last night and already enjoying the crisp style and forward momentum. This is looking to be quite a unique werewolf novel. 

Earthquakes in Candyland by Jennifer Robin. Everything Jennifer writes is sleaze-gold, a universe dipped in ichor and dust. 

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