CLASH Books is excited to present the cover for GIRL LIKE A BOMB. Autumn Christian’s third novel is a dark journey of self-discovery. An existential labyrinth of love, sex, and self-actualization where the only way out is through.

When high schooler Beverly Sykes finally has sex, her whole life changes. She feels an explosion inside of her that feels like her DNA is being rearranged, and she discovers a strange power within. After chasing that transcendent feeling and fucking her way through the good, the bad, and the dangerous boys and girls that cross her path, Beverly notices that all of her ex-lovers are undergoing drastic changes. She witnesses them transcending their former flawed selves, becoming self-actualized and strong. Beverly gives herself over and over to others, but can she become who she is supposed be, with the gift and curse that nature gave to her?

Girl Like a Bomb will be available for purchase in 2019.

ARCS will be available in August.

If you’re familiar with my other books, Girl Like a Bomb is unlike anything I’ve written before. Fantastical, literary, and a little bit YA. Like chick-lit with a razor inside. But still very much an Autumn Christian novel. I’m very excited to have you be able to get the chance to read it.

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