Girl Like a Bomb is out today! You can grab it at CLASH or at Amazon. E-books will be here probably tomorrow. If you pre-ordered a signed copy, I’ll be physically sitting down and signing the books tomorrow evening in Portland, so they’ll be on the way soon.

Here are some blurbs:

“Fun, fast, and fascinating. GIRL LIKE A BOMB hooked me and held me.” – Peter Clines, NYT Bestselling Author of PARADOX BOUND

“Salacious & sea-deep, this is a book for readers who are hungry for both a party and a meaning.” -Lisa Marie Basile author of LIGHT MAGIC FOR DARK TIMES

“GIRL LIKE A BOMB is a book like a bomb — explosive, heavy and dangerous. A must read by an exciting new voice.” – Brian Keene

“Autumn Christian’s Girl Like a Bomb covers a vast thematic ground. Through the device of its protagonist’s uncanny abilities, it’s a rumination about healing, but also about the role of celebrity in modern society, and about the cost of (literal) emotional labor.” – Vol 1 Brooklyn

“Erotic and human and sad and hopefully, usually all these things at the same time.” – Danger Slater, author of HE DIGS A HOLE

“You need to read this book. It’s not just chick lit. Guys, you need to read this book, too. Experience Beverly. Let her try to change you.” – Redrum Reviews

“GIRL LIKE A BOMB looks like sexy fun — and it is, without a doubt — but the deeper soul-resonances, when this sucker goes off, are seismic, startling, and profound. You’ve never read anything like it. And that’s what Autumn Christian brings, every single time.” – John Skipp , NYT Bestelling Author

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