Ecstatic Inferno

Ecstatic Inferno is the latest book by Autumn Christian, released by Eraserhead’s imprint Fungasm Press.

From the Summary:


From the moment you start to turn the pages, it will soak into your central nervous system, subtly and subversively reprogramming you at the DNA level. Each of these ten stories is engineered to disrupt a different psychic threshold. Pierce the layers between dimensions. Unleashing visions, demons and demiurges of the deepest collective unconscious, both beautiful and terrible.

From deeply haunted Southern gothic strangeness to interplanetary quests of illuminating doom and profound cosmic transformation, Ecstatic Inferno is a heroic dose of hallucinatory modern speculative fiction, uncut and unforgettable.

So taste the brain of Autumn Christian, where every line of idea-drenched, intoxicating prose bleeds with razored wit and revelations so sharp they poke holes in the night. Side effects may include: flashbacks, unshakeable awe and terror, the sense that your reality will never be the same.


Ecstatic Inferno Book Trailer from Charles Pinion on Vimeo.

Praise for Ecstatic Inferno

“The gene-splice baby of Philip K. Dick and Poppy Z. Brite.” — John Skipp, from his introduction.

“These stories will wound you, warp you, steal your dreams, and entangle your soul with a weird otherworldly vision that is Autumn Christian’s. I loved the odd logic, surreal visuals, midnight loneliness, and speculative dreams visions in these tales. There is also a lyrical quality to many of the mind-mending lines, offering stories rich in detail and kaleidoscopic in construction, rewarding multiple rereadings.” – Nicholas Pautnade

“Hey kids!

Do you like HP Lovecraft’s ideas cool, but find the writing dull?
Do you like Robert Chambers’ world and mythos, but can’t get pass the obscurity of his works?
Do you like the Thomas Ligotti’s concepts, but can’t stand that much nihilism?


Just try Autumn Christian’s newest collection ECSTATIC INFERNO, from the amazing Fungasm Press! It’s weird fiction, but it’s actually good and enjoyable!

Think of Philip K. Dick. Think of Jeff Vandermeer. This collection is this good.” – Pedro Proenca, author of Benjamin

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